How Does An Online Store Work?

1) We start by taking your design and selecting an appropriate line up of items to apply it to.

2) Once we have that figured out, GoBlue sends you a cost vs. quantity spreadsheet. (How much the items will cost based on how many are sold.) Using this information, you will tell us what you want to charge per item in the store.

3) We figure out when you would like to have the items in hand, and set a store closing date that will give your people enough time to order and leave enough time for us to produce the orders.(We typically ask for 2 weeks from store closing to produce but there can be some flexibility on that.)

4) Open the store. Let everyone know. Make money.

5) You would place orders, that aren't going to be marked up, seperately after the store closes. This gives you an opportunity to see how much was sold and potentially order enough extras to get to the next price break levels.

What Are The Benefits of Handling Ordering This Way?

1) No chasing people for order forms, then chase them again to get the money.
2) No trying to decipher the forms while keeping an accurate count of what you need.
3) A solid cut off for ordering that you "have no control over" so you can blame us if you can't accept a late order.
4) The benefit our our system of order accuracy with the order being checked at least 3 times to make sure nothing is missing. 5) No sorting the order. When we have everything done, what you pickup is boxes of items bundled into individual orders and a check for the difference between what was charged and what your costs were.

The most common response from our Customers? "That was so easy! We will be back next year."

What does this all cost?

If you are willing to work with us on an appropriate line up, we take 5% or total sales to cover website creation and maintenance, sorting time and split some of the Credit Card processing costs. If you want more selection than we would typically offer, we would figure out an appropriate cost to cover our addition costs. (Typically a flat cost to set up the store in addition to the 5%.)

What is "An Appropriate Lineup"?

The amount of options we are able to offer is dependent on the number of people you have associated with your organization and it's potential buyers. Due to the costs, time associated with setting up a store and the extra items we have to order of each size and color to be able to produce the order, we can't afford offer 10 items in 4 colors and 3 difference designs to a basketball team with 8 players.

Our base store starts with a t-shirt, a premium t-shirt, a long sleeve, a sweat shirt, a hoodie and typically one fashion shirt for options with one design and one or two colors to choose from. The larger the organization, the more we we can offer.

Can we offer items like hats, waterbottles, window stickers and stadium seats?

Yes and No

Window Stickers and some other items that are able to be produced in small quanties are a yes.
Things like waterbottles, hats, flags, pennants all have to be produced in bulk. We can offer them but the team would have to be willing to order the minimum number of items and take the risk of them not all being sold. Let us know what you are hoping for and we'll see if there is an option for it.