What Are "Direct Mail" Services?

It is getting the word out about your event or services by having the message delivered to their mailbox. Despite typically being called "junk mail", this is still an effective way of spreading your message.

Is it Expensive to Do?

No. It is typically cheaper for us to do it for you rather than do it yourself.

There are alot of variables in the pricing of Direct Mail and it depends a lot on what you are trying to send and to whom you are sending it to but the significant difference between the cost of a First Class Stamp and the cost of bulk rate postage is typically enough that you will still be money ahead letting us spread the message for you. Most bulk rate postage is between $0.25 and $0.30 per piece leaving alot of wiggle room to cover the cost of our printing and prep services.

We always ask, "How Much Is YOUR Time worth?" Is it better to spend the afternoon licking envelopes, handwriting addresses and putting on stamps or would letting us do that and spend your time on other projects be better?

What do we need to get started?

1) Bulk mail requires 200+ VALID mailing addresses before Bulk Rate Postage can be used. Ideally, this would be in a spreadsheet with seperate fields for name, address, city, state and zip code. (5 seperate columns.)
2) You need to have an idea of what you want to send. We can help you figure out what the most cost effective path to your goals are.
3) If you have artwork or would like to design your own piece. It will save you the cost of our design time but we do recommend asking us for some details about how to set them up before you put too much work into it.

What if I don't have a list?

You have 2 options.
1) EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail for USPS. This lets you send something to everyone in a specific geographic area. This is a very wide net hitting every address.
2) Targeted List - We can help you purchase a list of people/organizations that specifically fit the market you are aiming for. Some examples of target parameters are income levels, address type (residents or businesses), specific geographic areas, etc. There are hundreds of ways to make sure you hit exactly the targets you want to get the message to.

What is the Turnaround On A Project Like This?

For the Printing, it can be 5 - 10 business days from approved artwork for us to deliver it to the Post Office

USPS delivery dates are stated as "up to 14 days from drop off". It doesn't typically take any where near this long but this is what they give us for an answer so it is the only answer we can give.

Will you print on my material or mail items I provide?

Unfortunately, No

We won't print on materials brought in from outside sources as we cannot guarentee print quality or know that the material will not damage our equipment. The service is available only on items that we print for you.

What should I expect for results for this?

As with any marketing program, there is no way to accurately predict the response but an average of 2% is typically expected. It is typically higher if you offer a "Free" or significant discount for responders but the ultimate goal of any marketing program is name recognition so when they do look for your services, they have "heard of you."

What Can I Send?

Our most common item is some variety of Post Card. Next would be a letter or invitation that contains a marketing piece and response card.

The USPS requires the content of each piece to be identical, with the exception of a personalized greeting. You cannont use Bulk Rate mail to send invoices or statements as the content is not identical from piece to piece.